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7 Days is a story-telling game (made by Buff Studio Co., Ltd. and was released by Dec. 3 2018) which is heavily influenced by the player's choices and preferences. The story is about some people who find themselves in the world of the dead. Each of them has been given a chance of ressurection if they fulfill the individual task they have been assigned with. The player takes the role of Kirell, a young white-haired girl whose age is not much discussed within the game. The story is heavily influenced by your choices and preferences. The attitude of other characters towards Kirell changes based on the player's decisions of how to threat them. The characters respond and act differently based on how much they like Kirell.


Beginning (Day 0)Edit

In the beginning Kirell finds herself inside an interrogation room where Charon, the god of the dead, explains that Kirell has died, but still has a chance of ressurection. Kirell is unable to remember anything about herself or her life in the world of the living. To find out about Kirell's personality, Charon asks a bunch of questions that determine which side-character she is accompanied with on the first day. After the personality-test Charon explains that Kirell can only be ressurected if she fulfills a certain task within 7 days. For this matter she is given the "Compass of the Dead", which only works if someone nearby dies. According to Charon, at the destination the compass takes her, something "significant" will happen. Charon also explains that Kirell is not the only one with a task in the world of the dead. There are others who have died at the same time as Kirell and/or were somehow connected to Kirell in the world of the living. During the game the player finds out more about the background story of Kirell and other characters.

There are three possible outcomes for the personality-test:

  • To meet Hilde on the beginning of the first day, you have to worry about your Family and others most.
  • To meet Argo on the beginning of the first day, you have to be curious and suspicious of everything.
  • To meet Balaam on the beginning of the first day, you have to seek after revenge and be willing to do everything it takes to get ressurected.

Day 1 - 7 Edit

The story now is set in the world of the dead, which gets portrayed as an old and mostly abandoned lagre City that is also inhabited by the so-called "undead". These zombie-like creatures have failed to fulfill their tasks. Kirell meets others who also have been given a chance of ressurection. Each one of them has a different task and different eqipment. Whether Kirell joins forces with them or fights against them is up to the player.

Characters Edit

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